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Last station update: 05/30/16 4:09p ET. (updates every 1 minute)
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Hi Time Lo Time Hi Lo Hi Lo
Temp 72.0F 78.6F 2:02p 66.4F 2:55a 90.5F 46.6F 90.5F 18.0F
Hum 94% 96% 6:58a 82% 2:03p 97% 30% 100% 16%
Baro 29.877 in 29.979 in 12:00a 29.876 in 4:11p 30.266 in 29.522 in 30.620 in 29.357 in
Wind WSW at 0.0 mph 5.0 mph 2:20p
Rain 0.02 in 4.62 in 15.72 in
Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr 0.01 in/hr 3:00a 3.72 in/hr 10.11 in/hr
Chill 72.0F 66.0F 2:55a 47.0F 18.0F
Ht Idx 74.7F 83.0F 1:59p 96.0F 96.0F
Dew pt 70.2F 75.0F 12:31p 65.0F 1:23a 75.0F 37.0F 75.0F 1.0F
Sunrise: 6:08a Sunset: 8:27p
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Current RADAR from the National Weather Service (click the image to go to their site)
NWS River Data for Pee Dee River at Cheraw

Weather data collected by amateur station N4ZOI.
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